Human can changes as fast as the wind
You'll never know what someone think
What someone feel and trust
You might will do what do you think someone want

But you'll never know
What is really someone want

You can believe that you gave a wing
When actually you gave a knife

Can never be in one color
There must be different between each other

You can go around the world
Trying to understand humans
But nothing is what will you got


Arghhh! So busy this week and will be continue until next weeks! Suck and lil bit fun there! I gotta handle so many project and competition! There's KTI project and English debate andmy personal problem too!

Human can be scary, you know! In some ways, I hate human (Well, FYI, I'm human too. LOL). In this case, human can be so wick (what is it? i don't know how to write it correctly in English!)

Oh yeah, FYI again, I'm Indonesian and use Bahasa Indonesia in my real life! But i love English so much!

Hope i will win all the competition. Wish so.

My second Blog!

This is my second blog! Because I think that my first blog is very bad, then I delete it!

Not quite sure what to post now! But , at least I've posted something! Hehehehe.....

I will use this blog to post anything in me that cannot be seen by other people.
Just like the second me.

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