What a Year!

Because of something, I re-open my blog. I'll try to keep it, not delete it.

I was just so stupid to stop blogging because of someone. Stupid. And now, i'm trying to comeback to my interest, no matter what people says.

This year I've done so many things. Good things and bad things as well. Try to make a list:

1. Join Kompasiana.com
2. Join Twitter (www.twitter.com/sauqina)
3. Got better rank at class (Fulfilled!)
4. Go to Semarang for Science Writing (I am one of 10 finalist)
5. Not win the debate at my last battle (Failed...)
6. Read 'Catatan Seorang Demonstran' Soe Hoek Gie
7. Read the stupidity of Raditya Dika (Heeeiiii, I am a fan!!!)
8. Lot of other things!!! Can't remember!!

Well, lot things happen. And I just so stupid to not make some kind of notes about my daily life. I just realize that, perhaps, diary is important, to makes us remember of somethings: bittersweet of life.

And by the way, I took a wrong path.... And I'm so sick of it. Now, I have to pay the price. Something hard, and bitter... Something that told me that I should really see things clearly, that everything always have the other side. And in my case, it have a very bad side.

Hope it won't affect my personality. I don't wanna be someone gloomy anymore, I wanna be cheerful person. No matter what happen around, how bad the weather, or the people.

And I'm trying to forgive people, who were mean to me lately, because they just don't know about the truth.

Aaaaand,I'll learn how to blogging! Yeah! Stupid me don't know how to blogging.

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