Cranky Ganks and High School Time

Where should I start?

T'was friday, 5 pm at Dr.Murjani Field at Banjarbaru, South Borneo with my sister and two of her friends that suddenly came unexpected. We was eating 'pentol goreng' when the crowds came.

The crowds mostly consist of girls and only one boy who was holding and playing guitar. The first thing was, that one of them said "hey, all of 'em is my junior!".

'no' I say to my self, 'I almost college student'. But, she must be referring it to my sister and friends. I was just smiling-laughing. . .

Then they started to sang 'MAU DIBAWA KEMANA HUBUNGAN KITAAAA?!' confidencely.

Oh, so 'ALAY' but It's so amusing that I can't stand to laugh out loud. They attracted peoples eyes. People around us started to staring and looking from where the cranky voice came.

My sister, of course, enjoyed the 'street artist' act and she just smile and having fun with her friends as if she was in some kind of café or something (hello! Earth to Rosi! You are simply beside the public highway!).

And me, nothing but just kept laughing crazily.

Then they asked us for what song that we wanted. I said to them crankily 'bengawan solo'. Haha!

Later, they sang Vierra song : Bersamamu. And the excitement repeated again.

After that, they ask for 'billing'. I only had 3000 rupiah (beside the 50000 rupiah :D). So, i gave it to them. They looked so happy and grateful for that.

What I adore and mark of them is: they could enjoy and having fun with that! I really envy that! I wish that someday I could do s'thing like that with my high school friends before everything is over. Huhu. . .



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