On Reading and Be More


Mestinya pagi ini saya siap-siap buat uprak fisika! Tapi malah main ma hape dan nulis entri blog. .

I just want to note (and remind myself) that start from now on, after reading a book, I will make some review! (mumpung masih awal tahun).

So far, i started this year with 'negeri 5 menara'. I also read 'filosofi kopi' and others. It simply just random themes that I take with reference/influence from other medias.

In short, the reading list I read so far:
1.Negri 5 Menara
2.Filosofi Kopi
3.Jakarta Kafe
4.The Sittaford Mystery
5.Uncle Tom's Cabin

only five book?! Actually more maybe, but, I just forget. And this is also thank's to National examination! Hope I get good grades since I have sacrifice much and struggle!

This is my resolution. Got to be better than just a reader!


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