My life getting suck?????

Well, after so long time and I haven't doing the whole thing relate to blogging that I ever planned before like blog walking and make social life in it.... oh, I still can't.... Don't have time or spirit. Maybe that's the reason I call my life suck. It suck! I don't have any spirit to doing everything that used to be my obsession. Am I changing?
Yep, changing. Turn into someone far from the start.
My only hope is that I could take the spirit back to my life, try to do what I think good for me, myself and peoples.
I miss being different, miss being the old me and my whole complicated-but-good rules in my life.
I'm not trying to say that there is a subject. But, there is this case. I know who I am. And maybe there are words unspokken....
I still belive that I could change into someone better. But not now me.


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